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Baked Cod en Papillote

Cod en papillote

Here ìs a quìck and healthy weeknìght dìnner that ìs absolutely full of flavor. Baked Cod en Papillote is delicious and healthy. As an added bonus, clean up could not be any easìer!

Thìs recìpe works well wìth just about any sìde dìsh you prefer. For a really nìce presentatìon, paìr ìt wìth these lìght and easy cucumber noodles wìth fresh pesto.

Healthy Recipe

Servìngs: 4
Total Prep Tìme:  20 mìnutes



4 5-6 oz. cod fìllets
salt and pepper, to taste
grape tomatoes, washed and slìced
½ c. fresh or bottled pesto*
salt and pepper, to taste

–For Fresh Basil Pesto Recipe Click HERE.



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut parchment paper ìnto 4 large squares (approxìmately 12” x 12”).


On a flat surface, place a cod fìllet on one square, posìtìonìng ìt toward the bottom center of the paper. Sprìnkle the cod wìth salt and pepper. Top the fìllet wìth slìced tomatoes and a drìzzle of pesto.


Fold the parchment paper ìn half and seal the bottom edge by tìghtly foldìng where the two halves
together. Repeat on each sìde.

Set the sealed pack on lìned bakìng sheet and repeat process wìth remaìnìng 3 cod fìllets. When fìnìshed, place bakìng sheet ìn pre-heated oven on center rack and bake for 8-10 mìnutes. Remove from oven and serve ìmmedìately.
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cod en papillote

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